Why do the Dharan Kriya?
‘Dharan Kriya is the alchemy to manifest ones dream world with responsibility.’

We all envision a perfect life. However, the gap between where we are and where we think we should be creates stress, lack of clarity, low energy and loss of focus. Stress disconnects us from our vital core and wholesome potentiality. We lose vitality, energy and joy.

Dharan Kriya helps establish the lost connection between the spiritual, physical and life purpose. It will create profound shifts and healing within short periods of time.
Dharan Kriya is the most unique and simple light and sound technique. It comprises specially developed visions and movement that awaken and re-organise our unutilised energies lying dormant in our mind and body. It heightens awareness, intelligence, creates stillness and re- establishes our Core Connection.
Dharan Kriya (Dharan means to manifest or to give form and Kriya is an action) is no ordinary technique. It is a direct experience of pure potent divine energy and brings us to the ‘original state’ from where we can create the life we are born to live.

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