Simply Be

‘Simply Be’ is my way of expressing gratitude to everyone and everything. I outline facts and offer an opportunity that was once offered to me to fulfill desires of mind, body, and soul and make full use of this one-of-a-kind incarnation. One shift in the hologram changes the universal dynamics; this is our power as beings of light, energy, and awareness. I pray that with my intention to heal our species, this planet becomes yours and together we sensationalize our existence with a divine emergence like never before.

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Simply Be

I have shared my experiences of Truth in my book ‘Simply Be’. To me there is no truth greater than the human body itself; It is the pharmacist, as well as the source, the generator and the conduit for a higher force. This being the purpose, it is our responsibility to keep it in optimum state and in my book I offer basic understanding and a technique for self-transformation. A few weeks after the delivery of ‘Simply Be’ – I channeled A light and sound technique – ‘Dharan Kriya’, a profound, potent yet simple method to help people connect to their Source.

The Global Healing Foundation ( Non-Profit Organization ) was born of a yearning to share my blessings. In 2011, I initiated a pilot project for young students and women in Kerala India, facilitating to teach them free of cost, light and sound technique called Dharan Kriya. The light and sound techniques are designed to awaken infinite potential and develop inner resources of individuals and organizations alike. My vision is to awaken every living being on this planet to their Soul connection and Highest Truth.

  • BOOK NAME: Simply Be
  • CATEGORY: Religion & Spirituality
  • AUTHOR: Inder
  • PUBLISHER: Inlighten Global

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