Inder's Journey

Inder is that rare individual who gave up all material comforts to follow his calling as a young man. Today, as the co-founder of Inlighten Global – a Movement of Truth, he is committed to enlightening fellow-beings and helping create global wellness via physical, mental and emotional self-healing. Having experienced divinity as a mind-body-soul liaison as a young man, Inder is committed to connecting humanity to their light within via potent spiritual techniques. He envisions for mankind's liberation from all illusion to so all beings connect to their Source and embody Truth', which is true enlightenment.

In Inder's words...
There is no escape from one’s self. Despite all forgetfulness, the spirit awakens and the soul speaks when it is time.
One day, sudden vibrations with the resonance of intense love and compassion came over me and I shook uncontrollably and till hours later I could feel my every cell exuding bliss. I knew then that life had changed forever. It was the year 1984, and I was 21 years old. It was a call of my Soul, a call for enlightenment.
Now in 2012, as I initiate Global Healing Foundation–a Movement of Truth, I know I have come a full circle. I am told my grandmother Sham Kaur had prayed for a grandchild who would seek enlightenment and serve his Spirit. Her aspirations reflected in the name she chose for me–Inder, which meant conqueror of the heavens. Holding command and respect in the community, Ma Ji was a highly spiritual lady and the greatest influence in my life. My home was blessed by the regular presence of many religious and spiritual people. This environs provided a perfect playground for me to experience spirituality with fun and childlike curiosity. What captivated me, however, was the physical embodiment of enlightened vibrations, rather than the philosophy.
At 21, I had a profound spiritual experience. Following the call of my Spirit, I left a life of comfort in Canada and moved to India to serve spiritual masters in Punjab. Nothing else mattered to me than the company of these loving beings. I survived on little else but blissful vibrations radiating from the holy enlightened men of that land. This was true Satsang.
Family responsibility pulled me back to Canada after a few years, and I spent the next nine years serving as a police officer in Edmonton. In 1998, spurred by an urge to do something for underprivileged boys, I chipped in to help build rooms for them at Kanav Ashram – a Yoga and Ayurveda School near Haridwar, India. It was a chance to serve my inner calling and I look forward to similar projects again.
The idea of holistic real-estate development fascinated me, and I pursued it with full attention. Between 2000 and 2007, I turned my attention to inner-city housing in Winnipeg, Canada. Within a few years, the rough, crime-infested neighborhoods became a safe living environment for thousands of householders. I would buy old, run-down homes and renovate them, thus changing the landscape of inner-city Winnipeg. My wish to see wellbeing for everyone led me to counsel many towards setting up an individual business, in the process bringing wealth and self-employment to many.
2009 brought on a situation that compelled me to reassess my life and my purpose. Once again, by the command of my Soul, I chose to do what I was born to do. Living up to my name took on new meaning—I realized it is myself I must conquer, it is my Soul I must manifest, it is my Truth I must embody. To me, enlightenment became the most powerful purpose.
Truth for each one unfolds in unique ways. For me, it was the way of the Healer. Unknown to me, the light vibrations racing through my body, converted into a potent life force, making me a conduit for healing others. This channeled the healing force, a silent transmittance that is offered directly as well as long-distance, brings about profound and significant shifts in body, mind, and soul.
To me, there is no truth greater than the human body itself. It is the pharmacist, the generator, as well as a conduit for the Higher Force. This being the purpose, it is our responsibility to keep it in the optimum state.
In my book—Simply Be—I offer a basic understanding and technique for self-transformation. A few weeks after the delivery of Simply Be, I channeled a profound light and sound technique—Dharan Kriya—a potent yet simple method to help people connect to their Source. The visual technique is a gentle, yet powerful manifestation tool to create well-being, wealth and enlightenment.
From my vision to enlighten and awaken every living being on this planet to their Soul connection and the Highest Truth was born Global Healing Foundation (a non-profit organization). In 2011, I initiated a pilot project for young students and women in Kerala India, facilitating to teach them Dharan Kriya free of cost. The technique is designed to awaken infinite potential and develop inner resources of individuals and organizations alike.

Inlighten Global Foundation

As human beings, we contain a spark of the divine but have lost connection to the universal consciousness. Instead, we make do as fragmented individuals—lonely, uncertain and yearning—existing within just a small circle of our potential being. Our objective is to rekindle your connection to the infinite. -Inlighten Global

Inlighten Global Foundation was co-founded by Inder and Ruby Bedi.

The word inlighten was channeled to us. The human body is made of light, the more light within, the more conscious or enlightened one will be. Light up your body-mind with Inlighten Global meditation techniques and realize your enlightened state of being.

Be A Creator

In all of us lies the seed of desire, which propels us to create. We are creators, whether we are creating wellness or trouble. We, humans, are the creators of our world. If you had the chance to create something phenomenal, what would you create? And let me tell you, if you can think it, you can create it! We all want a wholesome, enlightened world and conscious society – of conscious politicians, scientists, entrepreneurs, artists, painters, dancers and more.
The Inlighten Program will help you explore your potential and channel your energies to create your unique footprint on this planet.

Are you seeking enlightenment?

The sole purpose of human existence is to self-realize their true potential and experience enlightenment. Even quantum physicists and modern scientists are now coming to understand something of what enlightenment is.
Don’t waste your potential; realize your true enlightened self.