Inder's Talk

In life’s journey, to reach any goal, one needs directions, goalposts, references or one learns from someone else’s experience. Similarly, when one identifies the most important goal of human existence, and the desire is ignited, one seeks some direction and is often confused by the sheer volume of information available on the net, books, and the multitude of people offering quick-fix solutions to problems, and umpteen spiritual marketing and sales propaganda.

Holy scriptures point to the importance of Satsang/Sangat or ‘the company of saints or co-travelers on the path of spirituality’. Talks here refer to imparting information, clarifying doubts, enjoying the collective blessings of higher beings and the exchange of energy, that is subtle yet potent. Without any dilution, making it simple and clear to understand.

Once the concepts have been clarified, which is just the first stepping stone. Simultaneously, one is encouraged to venture inwards and explore the different dimensions and infinite possibilities that exist within. The guidance of one who is experienced not only enhances the journey but also, saves one from straying from the path.

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