“I first met inder in 2004, and over the years we have become good friends. Inder has inspired me; his contribution has added value and helped many on the Island.”

Elsa Pas

“Dharan Kriya is among the topmost powerful techniques I have ever experienced or taught, and believe me I have seen and practiced a lot. Its virtue lies in the simplicity.”

Rohith Arya

“I was low when these two angels walked into my life after which things started to go in my favor, miraculously. This was just the start of their selfless giving. I’m grateful to have him in my life.”

Malini Ramini

“My life changed after doing blue miracle meditation. I have been doing it for the last past three months. It keeps me calm and concentrated. It has given me a lot of patience and strength. My focus has also increased. I have become a calm person now.”


“Since I have started doing meditation I have noticed some positive changes in myself. My concentration has enhanced. I feel relaxed and calm. My body has become very active. It reduces body pain. When I do meditation I feel fresh and get sound sleep at night. It is very helpful for our body.”


“After doing the Blue Miracle meditation I have seen my mind change in stages. It has filled my mind with positivity and put the negative thoughts at a distance. It is so soothing and effective. Now doing it is a habit. This had entered my conscious thoughts which keeps my mind awake all the time.”


“Doing meditation, makes me feel confident and full of positive energy. It makes me feel happy all day. It is like a stress buster for me which I can try and do any time. It helps me to concentrate on my studies. Meditation helps me to control my anger. My mind is filled with new and creative thoughts after doing it.”

Sameer Pathak

“I have noticed changes in myself since the day I started practicing this meditation. It has helped me to release my stress and increase concentration. It has lightened my body and my blood circulation seems to have improved. I also do it before going to sleep .”


“Blue light miracle meditation has helped me to relieve stress. It has filled me with positive energy. It has increased my concentration level and has also taught me to control my anger and ego. Guiding me to the right path it has made me more active at day time. It now allows more creative thoughts to come in.”

Gantavya Dev

Video Testimonial