What is Dharan Kriya?

Every individual or corporation envisions a perfect life or an outcome whether it be wealth, health or simply peace, joy and harmony.

The gap between where we are and where we think we should be creates stress, lack of clarity, low energy and loss of focus. Unmet expectations often cloud our vision with mistrust, inconsistency and incompatibility.

Stress can be dealt with except when it is Core Stress; this is the physical, mental, emotional resistance that arises from a split of who we truly are to what we project to be. This is what cuts us off from our vital core which is our centre of true identity, authentic nature and wholesome potentiality. We lose vitality, energy and joy. At the Global Healing Foundation, our focus is to establish the lost connection between the spiritual, physical and life purpose.

The physical body is the Soul embodiment; it is consciousness in movement. It is the root centre of all intelligence and cosmic energy and a single movement here can shift the whole dynamics. Each individual holds the power to shift the collective. With over twenty years of commitment and extensive work in health and healing in Asia and North America our unique system of connecting and awakening has created profound shifts and healing within short periods of time.

Dharan Kriya is the most unique and simple light and sound technique. It comprises specially developed visions and movement that awaken and re-organize our unutilized energies lying dormant in our mind and body. It heightens awareness, intelligence, creates stillness and re- establishes our Core Connection.

These special visions stimulate the senses and re-ignite the intuitive flow connecting us with our personal Soul wisdom and knowing. We all carry some sort of key but the door remains invisible. Dharan Kriya makes the invisible visible. This is holistic conscious development and it restores our confidence and trust. The physical triggers through the day make us conscious, alert and energetic.

Dharan Kriya (Dharan means to manifest or to give form and Kriya is an action) is no ordinary technique. It is a direct犀利士
experience of pure potent divine energy and brings us to the ‘original state’. This return is the physical experience of homecoming. This is when we are best equipped to create the life we are born to live.


The most immediate and apparent beneficence of Dharan Kriya is that it helps you heal the mind and body as you regroup the stressed, scattered and restless energy into one focus.

It enlightens your path, connecting you to your truth, your Soul, your purpose, your physical, mental and emotional force and to the gifts that are unique to you.

Peace, calm, strength, clarity, restfulness and inspiration are among the few spontaneous gifts you can expect to experience.

You will be able to position yourself effectively in relationships, work, community and world, thus increasing your sphere of influence.

Heightened awareness, energy and the holistic intelligence manifested by the Kriya are key ingredients for health, wealth, social, cultural and environmental well-being. And above all you will be at liberty to choose the experience that fulfills your Soul and purpose.

You will experience a deep sense of comfort and ease with release of stress, and you will transcend beyond your personal limitations to contribute to something larger than yourself.

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