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Create your enlightenment. If you can think it, you can create it

“I first met inder in 2004, and over the years we have become good friends. Inder has inspired me; his contribution has added value and helped many on the Island.”

Elsa Pas

“Dharan Kriya is among the topmost powerful techniques I have ever experienced or taught, and believe me I have seen and practiced a lot. Its virtue lies in the simplicity.”

Rohith Arya

“I was low when these two angels walked into my life after which things started to go in my favor, miraculously. This was just the start of their selfless giving. I’m grateful to have him in my life.”

Malini Ramini

Inder - Spiritualist & Motivational Speaker

We are born to seek enlightenment. Our time on earth is a blessing and a rare opportunity to find our way back to our original divine home. Nature has bestowed upon us every tool possible for our journey, be it gifts within our DNA or outer circumstances that are both, comfortable as well as challenging. Yet, we seem to have lost our moorings. My mission is to help to wake up all fellow-beings to their highest potential, connect them to their power so they can be creators of their own lives. If you seek enlightenment, I will share with you my knowledge, my experience, and my energy to bring you into the light.”

Meditation Techniques

Meditation Expands your consciousness

What is Enlightenment?

Simply put, Enlightenment is living in the light, living consciously, an embodiment of your Truth, without fear, without malice and with an awareness of the ONEness of the universe. An enlightened one has no belief system, no perception and has transcended the ego-mind. The biggest obstacle between man and enlightenment is the ego-mind, which does not allow us to even get a glimpse of the enlightened self.

Now, even scientists are in agreement with the age-old wisdom of Rishis, sages, saints about the strong link between these photons, our consciousness and possibly what many cultures and religions refer to as Spirit. This brings us to the query, that could it be possible that the more light one produces, the more is the communication between neurons, and, the more conscious one is? Well, the clue lies in the word itself. The word ‘enLIGHTenment’ suggests that this higher consciousness has to do with light. I think one of the most exciting discoveries is that our brains can produce light and that our consciousness and spirit may not be entirely contained within our bodies!

This implication is completely overlooked by scientists. Entangled photons react if even one of the photons is affected no matter where the other photon is in the Universe, that too without a milli-second’s delay. Enlightening one’s self involves the understanding of what consciousness is, where it comes from, and what are the mysteries that hide within the light. Enlightenment is experiential, it is a physiological experience. Once enlightened, your body-mind will transcend to a different level of being.

Conscious is a Latin word whose original meaning is ‘knowing’ or ‘being aware’ Consciousness is awareness. One’s whole being is driven by consciousness. The more your expanded consciousness is, the more enlightened you are. Living consciously is living in the light, without any fear, or insecurity, or malice. Being conscious is living the ONENESS of the universe. Being enlightened is being fully conscious or experiencing the oneness of the whole universe, and beyond.

Healing occurs spontaneously when one is living in enlightened states of awareness and the focus is not on the self but on the whole consciousness. Our body has a natural healing and rebuilding capability. What we need to heal is our mind, which is out of tune. Drop your ego mind to heal your body and mind.

We may not be aware of it, but we are manifesting ALL the time. We are electromagnetic bodies. We manifest thoughts, emotions, and beliefs, and so our whole life is a manifestation. Whatever frequency we vibrate at, it is that we manifest in our lives. However, most of our thoughts and beliefs lie in our deep subconscious, so while we may consciously want something, our unconscious mind may desire the opposite. This conflict gives confusing signals and commands to our cells. In such a situation our intelligence doesn’t work optimally, while desires remain partially fulfilled. Enlightenment is a complete shift in frequency. Beliefs and thought patterns that don’t serve you will drop away, leaving a way for a new you to emerge, thus manifesting a new world for you.

Simply Be

‘Simply Be’ is my way of expressing gratitude for the spiritual blessing that came my way. Enlightenment is a heavily loaded and a complex word, with too many do's and don't's which differ with every philosophy & religion. In this book, you will find the process to be simple, doable, and transformative. Without the intricacies of religion, I have outlined facts based on scientific studies that will instantly reveal your potential as a being of light, energy, and awareness, and the power to create your own destiny and enlightenment.

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