Why do Blue Miracle?

Stress is a threat to stability, it can be chronic or acute and is extremely damaging to physical health and mental well-being. The constant demands on life create stress in the body which eventually manifests as depression, aches and pains. When this cycle of stress is repeated, it reinforces the ‘stress message’ in the physical body and creates the ‘stressed muscle’ memory right to the cellular level.

Stress not only hampers your daily life, but is also the biggest hurdle to enlightenment. It has been well documented that stress can be reduced through relaxation techniques and visualization particularly brings faster results.

The Blue Miracle is a powerful tool that very quickly changes how you feel; it creates a positive shift and settles the body into peace. When you are released from mental stress, your energy is free to pursue and create mental, physical wellbeing and enlightenment.

Connecting to the field of Enlightened Masters
Once you connect to the Blue Miracle dimension, you bypass mental sensory systems (fluctuating emotions) and are free to access deeper and higher fields of information & intelligence. Higher beings & soul guides who exist in this dimension are now able to enter that field to communicate and guide you.

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