BE the light and BLAZE forth…!

If one could read books and be enlightened, more than half the world would have achieved Buddhahood. This is why it is very rewarding to dedicate time to develop the self. Seekers listen to the master, share their journey with other fellow beings, asking questions, get answers from questions asked by others, practice the kriyas and receive master’s energy by being in his/her aura. The collective exercise brings stupendous results.


Re-Invent yourself by transforming the mind-body

The body has an infinite capacity for change and renewal. We are energy bodies and energy is constantly changing. This change is truly a blessing as it also gives us the chance and capability to reinvent ourselves every moment. What holds us back from this transformation, however, are beliefs, patterns, and the ego-mind. Inder’s energy and techniques will help you connect to THIS energy. It will first help you connect to your Spirit, from where you can reinvent yourself in this new energy. Your new self will not be burdened with stress, anxiety, depression, hatred, insecurity, jealousy or fear.

Corporate Workshops

Leadership excellence is creating results with focus, determination, clarity, and responsibility. Best teams work collaboratively when inspired with knowledge, passion, and purpose. In three hours participants will experientially learn powerful methods, to enhance their mind, and body potential, creative thinking, the real art of manifestation, and resolve workplace conflicts and stress. It will take both personal and professional success to a whole new level breaking through self-imposed limitations, so to create empowerment, and fulfillment in all areas of life. Inder is considered one of the world’s leading authorities on conscious human behavior, mindfulness, and self- growth development. He is the founder of Inlighten Global Institute, a self- learning, education and empowering organization. His methodologies are being used across the world very successfully.


Benefits Of Self-Realization

Once you commit yourself to higher awareness and conscious living, you manifest a new wholesome world. This Inlighten program benefits you at all levels - fulfilling relationships, wholesome health, and financial abundance. Inlighten techniques will help you eradicate suffering and disease. Once you revitalize your passion for life, existence, and growth, and take the onus of your life, you will control your destiny and rewrite your karma. Not be bound or restricted by the limited mind, you will learn to expand your consciousness and connect to the infinite potential of life. Seize this chance to utilize your true potential and transcend the self-created illusions.