Meditation Videos

Learn To Meditate

Meditation is the gateway to your higher self.

Unlike what ‘new-age’ teachers say, meditation is far more than just being in the moment. It is about connecting with your true self. And if you wish for your true self to emerge and reveal itself, you must learn to drop your ego-mind. Inder’s techniques are simple and profound. He says if it’s complicated it’s not spiritual.

Find yourself a comfortable space to sit, in yoga posture or a chair. Make sure there is no discomfort in your body. Place a beautiful smile on your lips. This is the most sacred time when you connect to your divine self. Make sure, there are no disturbances from outside and your phone is switched off. You can follow any of Inder’s guided meditations listed below. We suggest you begin with Blue Miracle. You can do it as many times in the day as you want, but do it at least three times, and especially before you go to bed.