Dharan Kriya is not meditation. It is a specific technique to connect with your Soul frequency and awaken the light force and your inner resources enabling you to fulfill your purpose and create a lifestyle of your choice.

No. Following the steps with a willingness to experience your totality ~ to be the best you can be, is intention enough to trigger the physical responses of fullness.

This is a holistic physical experience, not a concept or belief. It is compatible with persons of any age, religion, gender, culture and belief.

Since it is rebuilding and reorganizing of energy and intelligence aligned with the Soul frequency, it is compatible with everything that is of similar vibrations.

It is best to use the rainbow light as suggested. Not everyone visualizes or experiences light in similar ways, so try doing it to the best of your ability without worry or stress.

You will experience tingling, pulsations or another inner movement. Pain is a sign that there is a block or some damage in that particular area. Be aware and observe the discomfort, it will pass.

Your body, mind, and soul are the physical embodiment of your true self and purpose. We need everything and we want it in our own time and way. Embodying Truth means to be connected to your Source with inspiration, power, and purpose to create abundance in all areas of your life.

This will keep your energy clear and free of anything that is not of your Source of Truth. Your uniqueness and authenticity will not be compromised.

Ten minutes twice a day will align the physical flow and create the energy you need. The body will begin to recognize its true state. It will be able to hold on to the state for longer periods. There is a tipping point and when the majority of the cells have converted stress into vitality, this is the meditative state of bliss and oneness.

It is an honor and responsibility as an individual to create a conscious environment. Everyone ‘out there’ whether an individual or a corporate entity, is part of our internal system. Wholesome health is a result of the collective shifting as one individual. The best gift you can give to another is an opportunity to be whole and complete. Real power is to empower others. This is one secret you must share with others!

None at all. You have to be aware and careful of the energy drain so you don’t deplete your energy. You may want to read Simply Be to learn more about your energy and awareness.

Dharan Kriya heightens self-awareness and free flow of energy, and it will connect you to your soul frequency. You will get to know yourself. This self-realization is enlightening.