A conductor of light, a commander of frequencies and vibrations, a connector of dimensions including that of the Soul, a healer heals not because he has the ability or the power to do so, but because he or she has a pact with God, with the universe and with all that consists within. This is a promise of a Soul who knows that enlightenment is not just of the individual but it is the collective awakening of everything that holds the potential of matter and properties to create.

To a healer, healing is probably the most sacred act; it is a prayer, mediation and communion with the divine in all things.

The healers should have fully manifested the Cosmos as his Body, Consciousness as his Mind, Light as his Soul and God as the Divine Life Purpose, and this is when he truly has access to power and life force, earthly and other- worldly.

Several effective healing techniques with variety of healers can somewhat eliminate disease and even distress but may not fully connect one to their Soul and their divine life. This is where the true Healer differs; his role is to connect every soul to their origin, ensure their safety and well-being and help them fulfill their purpose.

Healers are born, but they also can be created with will and conscious action.

The Effects of Intergrative Healing

Little do we human beings realize our organicity or our soul make-up. One simple definition “We are Light” cannot not capture our totality; neither does it do justice to our magnetism and intelligence extraordinaire. Language limits our true expression and may somewhat be responsible for us suppressing truth. However, a living being cannot escape from imagination and inspiration, which from time to time enlightens our senses forcing open worlds unknown and still invisible.

Let us envision our body to be made of micro bits and pieces of universes, planets and galaxies and imagine our body comprised of a bit of Moon, Sun, Mars, Jupiter, Neptune and all other planets vibrating at the speed of light. Know that the properties contained therein are all present within. Now see yourself embodying all the frequencies contained within the elements and physical forces of nature. And this is not all.

What if you had the eye to see that all human beings are connected by streams of invisible matter and what influenced one will also influence each micro species and matter anywhere, everywhere. And what if you had a language to communicate with everyone and everything?

Would this understanding and communication not change your world? Would your expression not be transparent and founded upon truth? Would you still need hope, faith and love? Or even prayer or meditation? Would you still depend on destiny, or a better time or a suitable opportunity or something outside us to create our reality?

OR would we just act and CREATE !?

This is what Healing does. It will harmonize all aspects and help your physical being to embody all dimension and frequencies with your soul time in this space. With this synchronized perfection, you will have the connection and access to channel life force that will allow you to fulfill your divine purpose. This is when your organicity performs at its best.

Inder and Ruby consider it a divine blessing to have embodied such a healing field, a field that can restore the dormant memories and aspects of the forgotten Self. This alliance or re-engagement with the Self is essential for holistic expression. This healing is beyond words and even understanding if we are not connected to the field, and that is why it is transmitted in silence.

Of course, everyone can heal. Everyone is a channel, but mostly this channel is blocked. But if the body is not compatible to these frequencies one may not be able to access healing too. One can work with the Dharan Kriya and consequently develop more understanding to be the channel for healing,

The Healing Process

The self is like a starter; when ignited with the right frequency, power and life force, it creates an opening for the cells to absorb the new vibrations. The cosmic bits and pieces are integrated and embodied with an inner language to communicate health and wellness.

The new life force helps restore the self- governing system and activating the natural intelligence within each micro-organism of the physical self. This shift in DNA changes our very psychology and physiology. Is it then surprising that ANY outcome becomes possible? The change could vary from an instant remission of disease, drastic reduction in stress and even quick and spontaneous elimination of ill-will and illness.

Healing is evidently immediate, spontaneous, albeit the memory of disease may take repeated healing sessions to cure. The results of healing too vary from person to person; the more open they are to following direction from the healer the better the results.

Inder’s primary focus is to heal millions of souls who are born with purpose, and via healing will procure the ability to create their Soul’s truth. He describes this healing as cool drops of water in the scorching desert heat. In his words- ‘the damage of not being true to ourselves is severe and almost irreparable. Healing will liberate us to recognize truth and the true purpose of being human.’

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