Let go your apprehensions, Dharan Kriya is light and fun to practice!


Find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed for fifteen minutes or so. Sit comfortably on a bed, chair or on the floor, making sure that your back is straight. Your feet or legs should not be crossed, however, you may sit in Sukh Asan- the yogic ‘comfortable posture’ if you like. This Kriya can also be done lying down if you are unable to sit. Open your palms and rest them on your thighs facing up.
Close your eyes, place a nice smile on your face and relax your breath.


Head: Imagine or visualize a bright rainbow light on top of your crown (top of head) and now experience this rainbow liquid light going into the left side of your brain, replenishing and nurturing each and every stressed cell. Now repeat the same with the right side of the brain. With your mind’s eye make sure that both sides of the brain are energetically equal.

Shoulder: Experience the liquid light go down the back of the neck into the left shoulder and then the right shoulder. Experience this light rejuvenating each and every cell in both shoulders, make sure that both shoulders are equally balanced and are aligned with the head. Let the shoulders drop.

Hip: Experience the rainbow light going down the spinal cord in to the left hip and then the right hip. Two big balls of light are now vibrating in both sides of the hips, giving you an equal balance and alignment. Both hips should be balanced and aligned to the shoulders.

Feet: Now watch the light go down both the legs and into both the feet. The liquid light is now filling the feet and the feet are becoming heavy and tingly; again imagine that the light in both feet is equal and balanced.

Palms: Now experience the rainbow balls of light in the centre of both palms and open up the fingers to receive the light.

Now in your mind’s eye turn on the switch and let every cell from head to toe glow in light. Imagine your body lit like a Christmastree, each cell shining like a star. This entire alignment will take only a few minutes.


Now you are ready to place your intention. “I want to embody truth to my fullest” repeat this a few times. It is like making a promise to yourself.

By now you should be experiencing energy rising from within the body. And now to magnify this energy raise your arms, palms facing you, take a deep breath and repeat the sound of ‘Maaaaaaaaa’ with force. Your intention should be to awaken every cell in your body with this sound vibration. Repeat the sound of ‘Maaaaaaaaa’ three times and listen to the your sound and try and merge your sound with others (if there are others with you) to create a collective resonance.

Then place your hands once again upon your thighs, palms facing upward. Your vibrations are now lifted and you are vibrating with your soul frequency. Hold this connection with awareness. And remain in this space for three to five minutes. And through this connection experience whatever images, visions or realizations that occur during this time.

Remember that every thought is a command, it will manifest immediately so be alert and conscious.

Finally, see yourself contributing and sharing your light first with the children of the world ~ see them joyful, safe, looked after and protected. Then share the light with the all other human species, animal and plant species and all sea life.

Now raise your arms, and repeat the sound of ‘Maaaaaaa’ loud and clear, three times, so as to send your light and project your vision into the universe. This will magnify your energy and your rainbow light will spread far and wide attracting everyone and everything to fulfill your soul desire. Take your time and soak in this healing vibration for as long as you wish. Comb your aura from head to toe three times, and your meditation is complete.

Repeat DharanKriya 2-3 times a day for best results. You may do a shorter version the second and the third time if you want. A quick rainbow alignment repeating three times the sound of Maaaaaaa will be enough if you are rushed.

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