For the LARGER self …..Humanity.

Humanity is on the threshold of transformation. This present pinnacle of suffering is nothing but the birth pangs of creating a new wholeness. Through our collective desire for a New Life, New Age, we have brought about this chaos. Whether aware or not, through our collective consciousness, we are creating a new world every moment, the quality of which is dictated by the kind of thoughts/energy we hold in our minds.
As humans, we are one in nature, and since we share a common history, it is indisputable that we share a common destiny. We are evolving, whether we are willing participants or not. One day we shall look back to this timeline and marvel at our primitive ways.
Coming to the present, the field of consciousness is shifting to a higher frequency. This higher frequency of consciousness calls for higher-frequency forms. It cannot sustain our present system based on material values of dense physical consciousness. In simple words- we need to evolve to live in an evolved world. It’s very much like having to become an adult first if we want to drive a car.
To aid this evolution, the last century or so has seen more masters on Earth than any other time in history. They have helped manifest the light needed by humanity to surge ahead. Even the cosmic energy is thick in this plot and plan of birthing a new race.
Change is what we are all talking about; now we need to walk the talk. THIS is why we must meditate. That is why we must awaken our Souls. By meditating we become willing joyful participants- Co-Creators. And with the ripple effect, we consciously or unconsciously will In-lighten the collective US.
For centuries now we have been trying to create a better world with means from the OUTSIDE, and have brought ourselves to the brink of destruction. It is now time to recognize that change is masterminded from the core, the SOUL. It’s time to recognize our Oneness. It is time to embrace God as the ‘collective divine presence’ in every cell of all matter/creation.

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